The reason our clients come back to us time and time again is not just because of the innovative and cost-effective solutions we provide but also because of the close relationship we have with them.  We work in partnership with our clients.

We may be project management experts but relationships are at the heart of our business, working together with the people in our clients’ business to find optimum solutions and value propositions and ensuring they are fully aware of progress at all times, or as they require.

There are 4 cornerstones to our relationship strategy: trust, confidence, satisfaction and communication



 Trust is implicit in everything we do. We are honest, impartial, objective, efficient, firm and courteous.


 We help engender confidence in our clients in so many ways.  As well as our expertise, we allocate the right people to every assignment and if an unexpected challenge presents itself, we deal with it quickly and efficiently so our clients can be confident project objectives will be achieved as planned.

We consult as often as the client requires, provide clear specifications – nothing is hidden – and, of course, protect sensitive information.

The reason our clients return to us is that we guarantee their experience with Steel Associates is one they’ll want to repeat – and they do.


 Ultimate satisfaction comes from providing a perfect solution to our clients’ needs, and we have many endorsements praising such successes.

We set out a partnership agreement regarding the relationship clients want with us such as: project milestones, levels of joint decision-making, the type and regularity of communication, personal contacts and so on.  Should issues arise, we take the burden and deal with them efficiently and courteously, ensuring our clients have the most trouble-free and satisfying experience possible.


 With large multi-disciplinary teams on both sides, it’s easy for communications to become lost or distorted.  That doesn’t happen with our clients because they are provided with key points of contact who can be available 24/7 to ensure our clients lose no sleep.

We maintain open channels to communicate with clients on their terms whether they want to speak to us daily or just have regular reports.

Steel Associates isn’t just a company delivering successful project management solutions, we are a trust-worthy, people-led business.  We’re a collection of experienced, qualified, motivated individuals who work as a team, in partnership with our clients to obtain and achieve their total satisfaction.




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